10-Year-Old Slapped at a School in Bengaluru, Teacher Suspended

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Suspended after child’s parents protest outside school

A boy, studying in the fourth standard, reached home with rashes on his face on Monday evening and when his parents asked him about it, he revealed that his teacher had beaten him for not doing his homework.

The 10-year old boy is a student of Ever Shine English School in Kalidasa Layout Circle in Srinagar. His parents called the child helpline 1098 to report the incident. His father said, “My son was hit for not completing his homework. He had marks on his face when he came home. Whatever the reason, they should not hit children. Children must be told what they did wrong or even given more assignments as punishment, but physical harm is not allowed.”

The parents protested outside the school premises on Tuesday, seeking justice for the child. The principal of the school managed to placate the parents by suspending the teacher.

The Deputy Director of Public instructions (DDPI) South is now in the process of booking a criminal case against the teacher of Ever Shine English School and the school management will be given a notice too.

As Per the Report DDPI South, Aswatha Narayana Gowda, told, “The BEO has forwarded the complaint to my office. Corporal punishment is condemnable and it should not prevail in any schools in the state. The teacher will definitely be filed for a criminal case and I will ask the BEO to pursue that and also issue a notice to the school management.”

“The parents and the child’s relatives have staged a protest in front of the school and it seems they wanted to give a police complaint, but they have not as the school has suspended and relieved the teacher from her work. But, it is our duty to follow our procedures upon receiving these requests,” he said.

D Shashi Kumar, general secretary, Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka (KAMS) said, “It is not allowed. But, even teachers are facing a horrible situation in today’s time. We should consider all the aspects. But, an outburst like this is not allowed.”

Source –Bangalore Mirror

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