30 Weird Things You Need to Know About Toilets in Foreign Countries

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If you are about to travel, it is best for you to learn about the bathroom habits of the country you are going to visit. You should never imagine that things are same in the entire world. That would be a grave mistake, particularly if you are about to visit some place like the Poland.

Many countries don’t even have toilet paper in public toilets so you need to bring toilet power with you. You must stay ready at all times in the bathroom because you never know who is going to enter the bathroom while you are still in and start cleaning it. This can afflict a genuinely awkward experience.

#1 No toilet paper in Cuba

Cuba is a poor country. They don’t have enough money so they don’t supply toilet paper in the public restrooms. You should carry your own toilet paper, lads.

#2 People consider outdoor bathrooms an art in France

During 1860’s to 1870’s, the number of public toilets around the Paris was 1200 plus. People took care of them and did them up nicely because they considered them art. Currently, there is one artsy toilet remaining.

#3 In Japan, make it sure that you are facing right way when using a toilet because if you are not, you could end up making a mess. It is better that you perform a proper research before you go out of town in Japan. In this way, hopefully, you will face the right way.

#4 In Mexico never flush the paper


You need to know that in Mexico, they don’t offer the same kind of plumbing services as they do in the USA. So if you flush the paper you might end up breaking or clogging the pipes.

#5 Pay to Pee policy in Sweden

Sweden maintains it public bathrooms by using the money it charges the public when they use the public toilets. It is a nice idea but if you are hanging out broke, and you want to go to the public toilet. Well, you are in a spot of bother.

#6 In China, you can squat with the strangers

China still uses the primitive toilet settings. The toilets are unisex and this is different than the whole world. Mostly, places in China do not offer anything more than a hole.

#7 Poorly constructed Bathrooms in Russia

Russia has yet to master the art of making bathrooms. You might end up seeing the side-by-side toilet paper or the backwards lid. You are actually lucky if you find these because there is mostly just a hole in the ground.

#8 People in Scotland let strangers utilize their bathrooms

You can knock a door and just ask to use the facility; people will let you in easily. That’s how the things work there in Scotland.

#9 In Spain, do not pee in Bidet

There are two flushes in Spain, one for using and one for flushing. That’s why you need to know how to use them both. Thus, perform a proper research before going to Spain.

#10 Antarctica dumps your waste in Ocean

Yes, Antarctica doesn’t possess the complete sewage system. This is the clear reason for what they do. They dump the most of their waste in the ocean. The population of Antarctica is not so high so that’s not even a problem.

#11 People don’t like to utilize the public toilets in Ireland

A research revealed that people of Ireland would do everything to avoid the public toilets. 62% of the people said flat no and 76% people who used the toilets stated that they would just not touch seat of toilet and anything else in the range.

#12 Women clean toilets in South Korea

Old ladies clean the toilets in South Korea. Don’t be surprised if they start doing their work when you are sitting in the bathroom. People call the ladies “ajoomas” and they are some serious workers.

#13 It’s tough to flush in Brazil

Brazil have a sewage system similar to Mexico. The system isn’t able to flush anything down the valves. However, they have something different, it’s the leather seating on toilet.

#14 Bathrooms have snakes in the Australia

Australia has this problem for many years now. During the summer, snakes need to hydrate so they find their ways to the toilets near them. You must keep the movement slow while you go to a bathroom there.

#15 New Zealand also has artsy bathrooms

North Island in the New Zealand contains Hundertwasser toilets. They built these toilets by using renewable material. Hence, they consider these bathrooms art.

#16 There are no toilets in Half of India

More than 50% of India does not has toilets. If you find one, you are lucky. Many problems spread due to the lack of bathrooms because in this way people go wherever they want to go. In India, more people have more cell phones than they have bathrooms.

#17 There are charges on bathrooms in Egypt

You need to bring your money to toilets in the Egypt because they charge on the public bathrooms. You will also need to pay for the toilet paper. If you don’t have money, they won’t let you use the facilities. No doubt, it is a tough place!

#18 In Laos, everything is less populated

You need to carry toilet paper with you if you are in Laos. The place is not so populated that’s why there are no services to offer.

#19 Something just like this is used Ukraine orphanages

This is what one man said about the toilet in orphanage. “Many children share these two toilets, which are simply holes above a cesspit. That’s not unusual at rural Ukrainian orphanages. They are outdoors in a brick hut, so it would be very cold and dark in winter.” Whoa!

#20 Malawi has private bathrooms

Malawi people say it is a urine diversion bathroom. It is private and secure.

#21 Iceland has some entertainment in toilets

Iceland toilets are unique. When you go to pee over there, you will see targets you could hit with your pee. You can select the face of your choice.

#22 In Belgium, they use “portable pee stands”

During the big festivals in Belgium, they use these portable toilets so men can use them. They don’t have any kind of privacy but they still look comfortable. Women cannot use these stands.

#23 In Peru, you can do it on streets

In Peru, peeing on the street is a normal thing. Even the women in Peru do it on the street. They go towards the wall and try to act innocent and in the time, she would do what she is doing. The people in Peru consider this a normal and everyday thing.

#24 Chile doesn’t supply toilet paper

People in Chile adore the toilet paper so much that they usually steal the paper so Chile doesn’t supply them in the public bathrooms. It is better that you bring your own while going to the toilet.

#25 There are not many public toilets in the Poland

There are only a few public toilets in the Poland. They are trying to fix this problem, but you must know this before you go there.

#26 Germany cares about your privacy

Germans are serious about their privacy. They have large bathrooms with everything you might need. This is how it works in Germany.

#27 They use the Bum gun is Thailand

In Thailand, they use water instead of paper. They use the bum gun instead of the toilet paper. It’s a hose that you fill find hanging near a toilet. They use it to wipe themselves with water once they finish up. This gun shoots water on the bum. Apparently, they don’t get wet while using it because they offer nothing for the drying purpose.

#28 Indonesia offers both Bum gun and toilet papers

Yes, it is hard to find toilet paper in the public toilets but it is still available in some places. They also offer the same gun as the Thailand. However, once you get used to the gun, you will love to get one for yourself.

#29 In Aisa, you can’t flush down the toilet paper

Many Asian countries have a poor drainage system. If you flush the paper down, you might end up breaking the pipes. When you are in Asia, you will see many signs to prevent you from flushing the paper. They actually place a basket near toilets to throw tissue paper in.

#30 In ancient time of Rome, people used a single sponge

In the old days, people would use a sponge for the wiping purpose. They use sticks with sponges to wipe them clean. It is disgusting but people used one single sponge all day long.

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