5 Reasons why your bestie is your best partner in crime

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It’s not really easy to find a friend that you could stick with. And when you found such a friend who is with you in all your sorrows, your happiness, your hard times and is always your partner in crimes. Here are some reasons to know so…

1. Support system

When you see a person like you or as crazy as you, the first person who comes up to your mind is your friend. They have your back, 110%. They are always with you and don’t let anything stand in your way of success. They’re your cheer squad.

2. Going out

When you and your friends decide to actually go outside for once, whether it is drinking, bowling, swimming, etc., they are always there to do stupid stuff with you. Friends don’t let friends do stupid stuff alone.

3. That person to go to

The person you come crying to first is your best friend. Any time, day or night, your partner in crime is always there.

4. Drunk best friend

Your best friend is that person who you drag to parties with. Your best friend is that person you can laugh in the morning about how last night was.

5. They know what’s best for you

If you’re like a person who trusts everyone easily and goes after the worst sort of people in the world, your best friend will tell you. They know when the person you are seeing is nothing but scum before you can see it.

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