6-foot cobra sneaks into BMW

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On Thursday, two businessmen from Tirupur were driving for Madurai on Thursday, they did not know that inside their BMW, the most bizarre and horror story would be revealed. The luxury car ran on a snake on the road – and almost like the plot of the Tamil film, the snake came back from the dead and came to kill them! Well, not really, but the truth was not very different.

While the people in the car assumed that the snake was dead and decided to drive on, they saw the snake inside the car minutes later. Scared and confused, the men got down and called the fire services. But the firemen searched the car and found nothing. When the businessmen then called a BMW service center, they were reportedly told that the car was so safe that “not even an ant could enter.”

However, the snake made yet another appearance soon after they started driving again. And this time, the men decided to take the car to the BMW service center instead of taking any risks. At the service center, the staff decided to call in a professional snake handler for the job – but allegedly only after they tried to beat the snake out.

TNM has accessed visuals of the snake rescue, that show a blue BMW car with its front tyres removed, its hood up, and its front bumper pulled apart. At the beginning of the video, the snake handler can be sought to hold the snake’s tail in his left hand, as he rebukes the curious onlookers, telling them to stop disturbing him as they take videos on their phone. He then tries to bring the snake out, but it’s stuck under the bumper.

He then motions to a staffer at the service center to help him pull the bumper apart further, as he tries to hold on to the snake. The snake slips out of his hand and back into the car. After trying to spot it for a few more seconds, they pull out the bumper altogether, and the snake handler then carefully brings the snake out from its hiding spot.

A six-foot cobra is suddenly on the floor, and the handler then professionally tries to calm the reptile.

Source TNM

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