Aikido black belt Rahul Gandhi a gentleman, says his martial arts coach

Paritosh Kar revealed that Aikido had helped Gandhi in his political life too

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New Delhi: Sincere, hardworking and respectful – this is how Aikido instructor Paritosh Kar describes his student Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President.

Paritosh Kar says, practicing Aikido, a Japanese martial art, has made Rahul more centered and has helped him deal with a barrage of attacks and ridicule from political opponents.

“We started training back in 2009. I don’t know how he came to know of Aikido but since the time he has started practicing it, he has been very sincere and hardworking. One thing I will say about him is that he is a very fast learner. However, he does not want to learn too fast,” Kar told media persons.

Rahul Gandhi had revealed that he is a black belt in Aikido, at an event by PHD Chamber of Commerce last month. “As Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art, it helps him to be a non-aggressive gentleman. He respects teachers. Moreover, he is a genius. If anybody speaks negative about him, he does not react. Because of Aikido, the attacks just don’t hit him,” he said.

Kar said that if a student is sincere and practices five times a week, he can become a black belt in just five to six years. Irregular students can take anywhere between 10-20 years.

Rahul Gandhi is practicing Aikido from past eight years. The instructor said, the art has been a sort of stress-buster for the Gandhi scion, who usually has a packed schedule.

Kar added that there is no stress left in Rahul after practicing Aikido. He is completely relaxed. Even if he cannot practice Aikido for some reason, he will do some other physical activity like swimming to stay fit.

Source: News 18

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