An autorickshaw driver returned a bag containing cash, totally worth around Rs 2 lakh

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An autorickshaw driver returned more than Rs 2 lakh in cash belonging to St Mary Basilica Church in Shivajinagar that his passengers had left behind in his vehicle.

The passengers, all of whom work for the church, had taken Suhail Pasha’s auto on Tuesday around 5.15 pm. They had a few bags, so they asked Pasha to bring the auto into the church. Two women and a security guard traveled in the autorickshaw and got off on Infantry Road. They left behind a bag kept behind the seat. While depositing the money in the bank, they noticed a shortage of Rs 2 lakh and realized that they have left the bag in the auto rickshaw.

They went in search of the auto rickshaw till late evening and filed a complaint with Commercial Street police and returned to the church. Pasha brought the money to the commissioner of police officers on Wednesday and informed them that the money may belong to the St Mary Basilica church. The message was passed to the church and they came over to collect money. Pasha said that day he went to Vijaynagar, then to Rajajinagar and Malleswaram. When he stopped for tea, he noticed a bag in his vehicle. He took it home and asked his wife to check what was inside. Pasha said, “When we saw it was money, I thought I shall give it back at the church, but did not know who to give it to. So I called my friend, who suggested that I give it at the commissioner office. I wanted the money to reach the right person.”

Rekha collected the money from Pasha and told the media she was happy she has got the money back.

Source Bangalore Mirror

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