Bengaluru Cop Stops The President For An Ambulance; Got Awarded by Bengaluru Traffic Police

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You might have all seen enough news were an ambulances have to stand in uncontrollable and immovable traffic due to VIPs and government officials’ arrival to a particular region.

They are rules such as Rs. 10,000 worth fine for those who do not pave way to the ambulance, no one really follows it nor does anyone take any action against it.

Image @DCPTrEastBCP

In recent, Strong decision of a Bengaluru cop stopping the President of India and his convoy to give way to an ambulance in emergency has managed to win the heart of social media all over.

According to source, even police department and the President’s offices are absolutely impressed by his gesture, and then comes netizens made sure to make him as popular for good as they can.

The traffic cop deployed at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle made way for an ambulance even as a convoy of the President of India was to pass through a busy junction.

President was in Bengaluru to inaugurate the city’s Green Metro line, sub-inspector M L Nijalingappa show an ambulance trying to find a way towards a private hospital near HAL.

In now time, Nijalingappa took the call to get coast cleared for the ambulance. Not even the first citizen of the country could influence his decision.

Police officials confirms that he was Awarded for his quick decision.

Social Media Reaction :

Abhei Goyal, Deputy Commissioner of Police -Traffic East Division Bengaluru City later took to Twitter to praise Nijalingappa’s presence of mind which lead to outrage on internet praising M.L. Nijalingappa.

M.L. Nijalingappa has set an example for officials across the country!


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