Bengaluru man attempts to rape mom’s colleague, held

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BENGALURU: RMC Yard police on Saturday arrested a 23-year-old man for allegedly attempting to rape a 39-year-old woman colleague of his mother, both employed with a top apparel brand in Kolkata. The incident took place in a room at Taj Yeshwanthpur, on Friday night.

When the shocked woman resisted his overtures, the frustrated youth attacked her and banged her head against the wall, before she managed to fend him off.  The accused, identified as Nitin Mukherjee, works for a private firm in Kolkata. He had accompanied his mother to Bengaluru for an event put up at the hotel by the apparel brand.

Police said that around 11.45pm on Friday, Mukherjee barged into the woman’s room on the pretext of asking for drinking water. Being a colleague’s son, the unsuspecting woman went to fetch water and he followed her in. He then allegedly pushed her on to the bed and started molesting her.

She managed to push him off, but he dragged her into the bathroom and put his cigarette into her mouth and forced her to smoke. She begged him to spare her, saying that she was the mother of a baby and that he should treat her like his mother. The emotional appeals left no mark on Mukherjee, who started attacking her with his hands and banged her head repeatedly on the wall. She fought continuously for about 30 minutes to escape from him. When she started screaming, he ran out, after threatening her not to reveal the incident to anyone.

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The terrified woman then called her husband back in Kolkata. He called the hotel staff to alert them about the incident in his wife’s room. Police nabbed Mukherjee from the room where he had retired with his mother. He has confessed to his crime. A Taj Yeshwanthpur spokesperson said that the CCTV footage had been handed over to cops, and the management was cooperating in the probe.

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