Bengaluru residents turn garbage dump into kabaddi court

After many pleas to BBMP fell on deaf ears, residents of the area came together to bring about a change.

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Bengaluru: An empty plot in Seegehalli, near K R Puram in Bengaluru, was just an unofficial dump yard till about a month ago.

The ground served as breed site for mosquitoes, the plot was allegedly being used by the BBMP to dump medical waste for the past four years. That not only put the health of the residents at risk but also hurting the environment.

Anvaya Foundation, a collective of like-minded people of the area comprising of mostly IT professionals, worked to bring about a change after their pleas to authorities fell on deaf ears.

Towards the end of October, the plot was given a makeover and now functions as a dedicated court for Kabaddi. The group started work on October 15 and within 10 days they cleared the land of all the garbage with the help of local apartment dwellers.

To mark their success, a Kabaddi tournament was organized on October 28 in the revamped ground. Teams from various districts including Mandya, Mysuru and even neighboring Tamil Nadu were part of the 45 teams- with over 500 players.

The icing on the cake, one of the local favorite teams- Seegehalli won the tournament.

Source: TNM

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