Best Places To Buy Souvenirs in Bangalore

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Souvenirs are integral on the grounds they bring back memories that can be cherished long after a trip is over. That necessitates an obligation to pick up the best souvenirs a city has to offer. Here is a list of some top places in Bangalore to snap up souvenirs that are worth every penny.

Varnam Store

Tourists usually tend to buy a souvenir that reflects the culture and traditions of the place they are in. The memorabilia is best when it has a story to tell, which brings us to Varnam Store located in central Bangalore. Varnam Store is an enterprise dealing in arts and crafts that resonate the toy-making craft of Channapatna, also known as the toy town – or, more colloquially ‘Gombegala Ooru’. Products at the store range from lifestyle products to knick-knacks that are contemporary in style, yet traditional in design.


Exquisite paintings from Tanjore, delicate marble paintings and a plethora of bronze and copper handicrafts constitute Tarang, an intriguing store with branches in both Indiranagar and Jayanagar. The artifacts at Tarang are reminiscent of India’s rich ancient history that are indigenous to this country. A miniature sculpture from Tarang with meticulous work on it can give any souvenir a run for its money.

Jute Cottage

India and jute cultivation have gone hand-in-hand for centuries now and jute finds itself as a major crop influencing the country’s economy. Perhaps, jute’s Indian roots paved way for an outlandish enterprise such as the Jute Cottage that is setting new trends. Ethnicity gets a contemporary touch among the merchandise available at the cottage, featuring a collection of chic handbags, ethnic crafts, and jewelry among other items.


Prachin, meaning ‘ancient’ in Hindi, is a mesmerizing store located in the shopping district of south Bangalore’s Jayanagar. Merely a visit to Prachin can cast a mysterious spell on the patrons, let alone buying. Housing a variety of products from paltry incense sticks to stupendous artworks, Prachin is a must-visit for souvenir seekers.

Balaji’s Antiques & Collectibles

Not many places in Bangalore can pride themselves on supplying props to an overseas movie except for Balaji’s Antiques & Collectibles, a sumptuous setting of collectibles and antiques. David Lean reportedly used vintage items supplied by Balaji’s Antiques & Collectibles for his 1984’s period drama, A Passage to India. The place’s unassuming facade is counterbalanced by the grandeur and aesthetic value of their collection. Their eccentric collectibles, artifacts, and lacquer-ware are more than just souvenirs; prized possessions, perhaps.

Raga Arts

Raga Arts establishes a wonderful impression before even setting foot in the place, with merely a glance from the outside. Be it the home decor or embroidery crafts, Raga Arts has it all – capable of placing the customer in a conundrum due to the plethora of options it provides. Their foundations are built upon the principles surrounding women’s empowerment and the upliftment of rural artisans.

Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Popular among foreigners, Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium is as good as it gets to purchase souvenirs. It houses a massive collection of sandalwood handicrafts, ethnic knick-knacks and what not. Situated at the helm of bustling MG Road, Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium has a reputation that precedes itself. Regardless of the budget, this place has something to offer to every traveler who comes scouring.

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