D’runk driver reverses into tree on Bengaluru highway, woman d’ies

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BENGALURU: A weekend outing turned tragic for a group of five, including two women, when one of them was k’illed after their speeding car crashed into a tree near Nelamangala. The incident took place on Tumakuru highway near Hosanijakal gate. The police said it is a case of drinking and driving, wherein the driver reversed the car in full speed and crashed into a tree.

The d’eceased has been identified as Kavita Alias Seema,(32), a native of Solapur in Maharashtra. The other four who were travelling with her and have sustained injuries identify as, Juhi Sharma,(45), Parvez, (38), Syed Firoz,(42) and Syed Moosa,(37).

A senior police officer said the incident occurred around 1.15 am when they set out on a ride to Tumakuru for the weekend. Kavita, who works as a receptionist at a hotel in Majestic, along with her colleague Juhi, joined the three men on the way after finishing work on Saturday night. Preliminary investigations revealed that the five had left the city around 10.30pm and had a party at a nearby Dhaba. While they were passing Hosanijakal gate, Firoz, who was driving the car, reversed the vehicle in full speed and c’rashed it into a nearby tree. Kavita who was sitting in the rear seat was kil’led on spot.

An unidentified vehicle also hit the car – its driver may not have seen the vehicle in the dark. However, the police are trying to identify the vehicle, which drove away. Firoz’s statement has been recorded and the police are waiting for medical reports to take further action. All the four injured are recovering in a private hospital in Tumakuru.

Girish V, a local, said he noticed the c’rashed car at 2 am, as the vehicle remained unattended. “With the help of some locals I rushed them to a private hospital in Tumakuru. The highway patrolling staff did not come to the spot immediately. At 6 am the traffic police came and towed the car using a crane,” he said.

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