Drunk Man in Hassan ( Karnataka ) Laughingly STEALS Policeman’s Bike, and his Cap Too!

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It is a familiar proven fact that people tend to do irrational things when drunk. we’ve seen it around us, and will even be guilty of doing the same ourselves.

Most of us have a ‘when-I-was-drunk’ story, and they’re sometimes funny and embarrassing, and generally, they’ll involve cops. Take, for example, the case of this drunk man on the streets of Hassan in Karnataka who set to ride off on a police bike.
That wasn’t all, the person thought it might be very funny to steal the cop’s cap also, so much so he was visibly giddy with excitement.

The man was seen riding through the streets giggling and laughing all the time while at some point he even shouted ‘Superstar Rajnikant’.

According to news agency Ani, the police had to chase him for nearly 1km until they may get hold of him. And even then the seriousness of what he’d done had clearly not struck the person as he continued to laugh and giggle.

A footage of the incident was captured on mobile camera and was tweeted by Ani, with the caption: “Drunk man makes an attempt to run away with police bike in Karnataka’s Hassan, along with personnel’s cap.Police chased him for 1 km”.


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