In the Karnataka elections, the social media pinches behind the Congress,” Rahul Gandhi is Lucky ” for BJP

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In the Karnataka Assembly elections, the votes are released and the initial trends are yet to perhaps the votes, the BJP is coming to a heavy glance. Even though the results of the elections took longer, but people on social media have not made a slight delay in taking a pinch on the Congress. BJP and Congress are looking for a compelling bump until the news is updated, but not seeing any of the trends crosses the majority figures. But it is clear that the Congress, which has been handling the administration in Karnataka for the past 5 years, is not that easy.

People on the coming results of Karnataka have pinched on the Congress. A user has tweeted, ‘ according to the sources, now the Congress is preparing to seal the flirtation of EVM after the results of Karnataka. ‘ The same user wrote a photo of Rahul Gandhi and Siddharmaiya while sleeping in the same is the same.

Ayan Sengup, a user who wrote, ‘ Deer Congress, quit politics and do something more. If you are unable to win any state with a support, there is no future in your politics… ‘

To tell that in the initial trends, CM Siddharmaiya seems to be a big shock. From the Chamudeshwari seat he is trailing by close to 11 thousand seat. Here, the Janata Dal Sekayular’s GT Deve Gowda has made a big edge over them.

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