Metro manager booked after man s’lips and f’ractures arm

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A man who fr’actured his arm after sli’pping on the granite floor of a metro station has accused the BMRCL of using a flawed flooring design.

Janardhan P (38), a deputy manager with the public sector undertaking Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL), filed a police complaint following his in’jury at the Magadi metro station a month ago.

“Like any other passenger, I was rushing to board the train but f’ell down due to the sl’ippery floor. I fr’actured my right arm with a wrist dislocation for which I needed su’rgery with a metal implant,” Janardhan told about the incident that happened at 9.30 am on March 6.

Janardhan could not attend work for two months and spent Rs 2 lakh to treat his i’njury. He wrote about the incident to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) managing director, the chief secretary and the Ministry of Urban Development.

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Describing the finely polished and smooth granite flooring of the platforms at all the metro stations as a design fault, he said passengers run the risk of sl’ipping when they hurry to catch the train. He also pointed at the absence of signboards warning people about the sl’ippery floor.

“Such a smooth floor requires footwear with a good grip to avoid s’lips. If it can happen to me, imagine elderly people with orthopaedic problems,” Janardhan said in the letter.

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Based on his complaint, the Magadi Road police booked the manager of the Magadi Road metro station in Gopalapura under IPC Section 338 (causing grievous hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others). The police are yet to get the statements of the metro authorities.

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