Mini Niagara Falls at Lalbagh to be ready by January

The trial runs of the waterfall are expected to be conducted within a fortnight

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Bengaluru: Soon, by next January, Bengaluru visitors would see a mini Niagara Falls in Lalbagh and botanical garden, may have an eyeful of the artificial waterfall with water cascading from a height of 25 feet and width of 120 feet.

The waterfall which is under construction is in horseshoe- shape and it is built near the Lalbagh lake, which will provide water to create cascading effect. The trial runs are expected to be conducted within a fortnight.

The Rs. 2.7 crore project is funded by the state horticulture department and the work is being executed by the public works department. “The waterfall which is being built on an existing rock cliff near the lake will be opened in January,” said Chandrashekhar M R, Deputy Director (Lalbagh) of Horticulture Department.

D N Ravi Shankar, Advisory Committee Member, Lalbagh, also the brain behind this project said, “The waterfall also help get rid of microscopic algae which have rendered the lake water greenish and are a threat to aquatic life. Excess algae in water prevent sunlight from entering its depths. The greenish water prevents birds from spotting and catching fish, because of which their number is decreased in lake’s vicinity”.

He said that waterfall is a green project that improves flora and fauna by reducing algae without chemicals. “We will pump water from the western side of the lake to feed the waterfall located on the existing wetland on the eastern side. The water will later pass through the wetlands and return to the main lake through the connected bridge. The wetlands will have floating plants, which will prevent sunlight from entering the water. Due to lack of sunlight, algal cells will die in the wetland portions. Dissolved nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus will be consumed by existing plants. The water released into the main lake from the wetlands will be clear,” he said.

According to the sources, they will use a 240 HP motor to pump the water. “We may open it for an hour or two in the mornings and evenings. Depending on public response and on public holidays, we may extend the duration,” said an official. The garden is spread out at 30 acres in the city one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Source: TOI

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