Namma Metro not a central govt project, won’t tolerate Hindi imposition : Siddaramaiah

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Bengaluru : CM Siddaramaiah during his visit to New Delhi he said, “Karnataka government will lodge a protest with the Centre on the imposition of Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states”.

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Ruling out “Hindi signboard ” in Namma metro, and the growing protest against HIndi Imposition in the city, the Chief Minister said, “The Karnataka government will not tolerate imposition of Hindi. Hindi is being used in Metro rail citing the three-language formula. As Metro is not a central government project centre should not impose Hindi in Namma Metro. The major funding of the project is by the state government.”

“Hindi is spoken in several north Indian states, it should not be seen as a language which is spoken across the country,” he told reporters in New Delhi. The CM heavily criticised the Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu’s recent statement that people in the country should learn Hindi as it was the national language. Siddaramaiah said that such statements were “not acceptable”.

Last week Namma Metro Phase 1 network was opened completely, soon after it went operational an online campaign on social media opposing the “imposition of Hindi” in Metro stations began As #Nammametrohindibeda . Many online steam the state’s official watchdog for Kannada language the Kannada Development Authority joined the action The grouse is that Hindi is being imposed through signboards at Metro stations.

Today after CM Siddaramaiah strong  statement against Hindi Imposition in Namma Metro, signboard in Hindi at Metro station was seen being covered with stickers.

Source : TNM

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