Namma Metro Phase II : BMRCL re-survey near Cantonment Railway Station

The station is currently going to be built on Madina Masjid grounds in Bamboo Bazar, which was opposed by both residents and activists.

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Bengaluru: In a victory for citizen activism, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has hinted that the Cantonment metro station of Namma Metro Phase II may be built near the railway station as originally proposed.

However, no official announcement has been made yet. As per the present plan, the station is to be built on Madina Masjid grounds in Bamboo Bazaar.

According to the reports, on Saturday, engineers of the BMRCL conducted a survey along the Benson Crossroad where the station was proposed to be built as per the Detailed Project Report (DPR) in 2011.

A BMRCL official said, “Once the exercise is completed, both options will be placed before the government. It will be up to them to take a decision on which alignment to choose.”

It can be remembered that the BMRCL was adamant on shifting the site of construction to the Madina Masjid grounds despite continuous opposition from local residents, activists and urban mobility experts. The BMRCL had also boycotted a citizen roundtable which focussed on the integration of different modes of transport.

Activists termed the development as ‘positive’. “The survey may disprove all the challenges the BMRCL has been claiming will hinder the construction of the line, including tunneling under railway lines or length of the tunnel. Moreover, for the shaft it is possible to find areas where demolitions can be minimised,” said one of them.

Those opposed to the decision of shifting the metro to the grounds had argued that it will not solve the city’s existing traffic problem. Moreover, the activists claimed that decision was taken without considering public opinion. A petition on the same had also gathered more than 35,000 signatures.

In its explanation, the BMRCL maintained that the change of location was done because acquiring BBMP land was easier than acquiring railway land. It added that with the new alignment will also save Rs 1000 crore and cut the travel time by one and half minutes.

Source: TNM

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