#NammaMetroHindiBeda , says Bengalureans on Twitter

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Bengaluru : Phase one of Namma Metro is completed now, and Bengalureans are not happy. Yes, Hindi is not our national language, so do not impose it on us” says twitterati — this is the sentiment of many Bengalureans who are opposed to the signs and announcements in Hindi at Namma Metro stations.

The #NammaMetroHindiBeda and #NammaMetroKannadaSaku hashtags have been trending online, with Bengalureans asking the BMRCL to mind their language.

A poll run by Bangalore Times , in which Times asked if Hindi should be made mandatory on the Metro, revealed that a whopping 90% people were against this, and wanted only English and Kannda languages to be used.

Kannada Development Authority()KDA has issued a notice to Namma Metro authorities for breaking government rules and putting up Hindi name boards.

Bengalureans on twitter came together with south indians on social media campaign trending  #HindiImposition and #NammaMetroHindiBeda, The campaign drew popular support and soon became a topic of panel discussions on television and outrage against Hindi imposition on online media platforms.

Here is what union minister Venkaiah Naidu have to say. (Hindi is a National language, without hindi it’s not possible to grow in India)

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