‘Not learning Kannada is an insult to Karnataka’: CM Siddaramaiah on Rajyotsava

The Chief Minister batted for Kannada pride and said that everyone who lives in Karnataka is a Kannadiga.

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Bengaluru: On the occasion of 62nd Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah made it clear that whoever lives in Karnataka should learn Kannada, if you don’t learn the language, it is an insult to the state.

“Kannadigas are generous. We love and respect others, support them. They should be generous in that way and they should have humanity. But when it comes to the Kannada language, it’s not necessary that we be so generous,” said the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, here at the Kanteerava Stadium.

“I am not saying that don’t learn any other language. I’m not against any language. Learn whichever language you want, but if you don’t Kannada here it is an insult to the state. We should respect our mother tongue first,” he said.

Siddaramaiah said that everyone who lives in Karnataka is a Kannadiga. “Every person who lives here should learn the language of the land and should respect it. They should teach Kannada to their children also. To establish such an atmosphere, every Kannadiga should have a feeling that ‘I am Kannadiga first, then an Indian”.

Stressing on the importance of creating pro-Kannada atmosphere, the CM said, “In the last 60 years, the Kannada land and language have progressed a lot. But, we haven’t been successful in creating an atmosphere conducive to Kannada.”

Speaking about his decision to make Kannada compulsory in all schools in the state, Siddaramaiah said, “Every state’s mother tongue should be the language of primary education – we should bring this into the Constitution. I asked all Chief Ministers to write such a letter to the Prime Minister.”

Recognising the importance of English, the CM said, “Our state should teach English as a language from Class 1 for sure. Our children should also learn English. We’ve also said that Kannada should become the medium of instruction. Also, in all English medium schools, in all CBSE schools, in all ICSE schools, they should all teach Kannada as a language – we’ve passed this order as well,” he said.

Source: TNM

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