Odd-even scheme may be implemented in Bengaluru, if it works in Delhi

The current vehicle population in Bengaluru stands above 68 lakh

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Bengaluru: Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy, said that the state government may implement the odd-even vehicle rationing scheme if it works in New Delhi from November 13 to 17.

The odd-even scheme, in which odd numbered cars are allowed to ply on odd dates and even numbered cars on even dates, will come into effect for five days starting November 13 in New Delhi. The worsening air pollution levels with thick smog engulfing the region are a health hazard that has panicked Delhi.

However, Ramalinga Reddy agreed that implementing an odd-even scheme alone will not solve Bengaluru’s pollution problems but the minister says it would at least reduce vehicular density.

“Bengaluru had 54 lakh vehicles four years ago. Now it has around 68 lakh vehicles. Pollution cannot be tackled unless the number of vehicles is reduced. Considering the large number of vehicles in a city like Bengaluru, the odd-even scheme may not be that effective but will help reduce the number of vehicles plying on the road at a given point of time,” Reddy added.

Before he was given the Home portfolio, Ramalinga Reddy was Karnataka’s Transport Minister.

He said that the state government is taking up road widening projects to decongest traffic snarls. “Look at Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The Transfer of Development Rights projects have worked in these places. Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur Road and Hennur Main Road widening works will begin.” he said.

The odd-even scheme was announced in New Delhi on a day the High Court said there was an “emergency situation” vis-a-vis pollution in Delhi-NCR and asked the Delhi government to consider implementing cloud seeding to induce artificial rain apart from vehicle rationing on roads.

Source: TNM

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