Plan A Trip To These Destinations Under 100 Kms Away From Bengaluru!

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Always making weekend getaway plans with friends but they never seem to happen? Well, we know exactly how you feel because our friends have bailed on us multiple times too. So we decided to put an end to this and created a list of destinations you can head to for some fun time with the ever-busy friends who only have a day to spare.

Nandi Hills

banagalore destinations within 100 km
Don’t hit us for putting the obvious on top of the list, but Nandi Hills is a favourite withBengaluru folk and you know that. We love the view of the city, especially when visited during the sunset hours, with some hot, diluted tea, spicy cucumbers or a paper bag of bhel puri or even a plate of Maggi. Head there with a bunch of friends or bae, either way, you are sure to have fun.
Distance from Bengaluru – 58 km

Chota Ladakh

banagalore destinations within 100 km
Chota Ladakh is a quarry which has been dug deep and collects water over the rainy months. The place does have a certain charm to it, with its white stone backdrop and a lake filled with crystal clear water, which is probably how the place got its name. The drive to the place is fantastic with smooth highway roads, flanked by green fields, rocky hills, small secluded lakes and grape orchards.
Distance from Bengaluru– 60 km


banagalore destinations within 100 km
Bheemeshwari is a small town in Mandya district, located on the banks of the river Cauvery between the Shivanasamudra falls and Mekedatu falls. You can try plenty of activities like trekking, zip lining or riding down Cauvery river in a coracle. If a day full of adventure is what you have in mind, Bheemeshwari is perfect.
Distance from Bengaluru – 100 km


banagalore destinations within 100 km
Mekedatu is famed for the spot where river Kaveri flows (read charges) through a rather deep gorge. Previously known to be small enough for goats to cross (which is how the place gets its name, meke – goat, datu – cross), the gorge has widened over the years. The journey to Mekedatu also includes having to cross Sangama, the site where tributaries of River Kaveri and Arkavati meet. The spot is shallow and people often stop here for a bath or to splash around in the water.
Distance fromBengaluru – 99 km

Machanabele Dam & Ramnagara Hills

banagalore destinations within 100 km
Quite the destination for bikers, Machanabele Dam is a place we head to for a great view and some quiet time. However, the place is dangerous for a swim so we suggest you sign up for a kayaking experience and stay away from the waters otherwise. The Ramanagara Hills are nearby as well, and you could stop by for a tender coconut and few clicks. The Ramanagara Hills is popular because some parts of the movie Sholay was shot here.
Distance from Bengaluru – 36 km


banagalore destinations within 100 km
A two-hour drive from Bengaluru, Anthargange is often trekked in the night where the trekkers catch the sunrise at the hilltop. The place is known for its caves, narrow crevices and cramped spaces which are the most exciting parts of the trek, sure to test your fitness levels. Make sure to ask the guide (and do hire one) to take you to the water cave (one of the three must-visit spots in Antharagange) where water trickles down to form a pool.
Distance from Bengaluru – 70 km

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