Pratap Simha’s lawyer along with the witness is a lace

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MP Pratap Simha is the younger leader of the youth with provocative speeches.

They have now received evidence of se’xual ha’rassment with a girl child.

Pratap Simha, who started talking with Shruti journalist student, is worried about them.

She has written a letter to the girl media, who can not stop this h’arassment. In the letter, Pratap Singh’s office and many other temporary numbers, Shruthi have given him the WhatsApp call and video call and witnesses of the chats. In a letter to her, she said that she had been s’exually h’arassing every day, and she had been invited to s’ex with many girls during her absence.

Pratap Simha said he had shifted to the fifth floor from the third floor when he was in the hospital. Let’s go to Delhi and celebrate your birthday. Take your friend and come. Let’s get together there three. The evidence has been sent by Whatsapp Chat and Call Records, who said that three of them did not like s’ex.

A woman who has physical and mental ha’rassment has told her all the pain. Pratap Singh, who has been at the forefront of the past few days, has been ac’cused of suffering from pain and suffering from pain. The girl who claims to have already been threatened with life has said that she has any harm or trouble but because of Pratap Singh. She has been asked by the media and the women’s commission to provide justice to the s’exual h’arassment she is experiencing.

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