Read tweets, What this women experienced with an UBER Driver in Noida will scare you

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If we see the statistics of crime against women within the country, particularly Delhi NCR, we cannot be shocked to check the graph of it all increasing with every passing day. watching such terrifying tales, we will say that Delhi and women undoubtedly do not go well together and the matter only becomes worse when public transportation is concerned. Take, for example, this Delhi-based journalist who was harassed by a cab driver whereas going back home from her friend’s place.

Ananya Bhattacharya, who works as an editor at the India today group Digital, shared a horrifying experience of her on Twitter traveling as an Uber traveler in Delhi NCR and how she was troubled by the driver of the cab. The incident, yet again, questions the safety of ladies within the country and evokes the necessity to implement some much-needed ground rules and punishment for the same.

Hear out the incident in her own words below –

She recounted the moment when the driver pulled up in a service lane saying that the car has run out of petrol.

Fortunately, her friend arrived on time and the horror ended.

At this point, even the police ignored what was going on there.

And she was even ‘charged’ for the harassment she faced.

When she contacted Uber about the same, she was disheartened to see their response at first.

However, the matter was resolved the next day. The driver has now been suspended from the service.

Women safety in Delhi or Noida, why Delhi, Noida across India? A long way to go, indeed. Until then, maybe stop going out of your houses, ladies! It seems like an only solution to us.

Imagine what could’ve happened if her friend wouldn’t have come on time.

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