OPDs of city’s hospitals will be shut to protest against bill that will scrap the MCI

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OPDs of city’s hospitals will be shut to protest against bill that will scrap the MCI

Medical practitioners from the city are geared up for another protest to show solidarity with the nationwide bandh called by the Indian Medical Association to protest against the National Medical Council Amendment Act.

The outpatient departments at all hospitals will be shut for 12 hours as a sign of protest against the NMC bill, which the doctors opine is more draconian in nature than the recently suggested Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Bill.

The bill is to be presented in the winter session of the parliament that calls for dissolving the Medical Council of India (MCI) and set up the National Medical Council in place to curb the issues ailing the medical education in the country.

Dr B Veranna, secretary IMA Karnataka, said, “It is unacceptable to that a body is dissolved to curb corruption and another is erected in its place which has all the provisions of getting corrupt again. Secondly, the NMC will make medical education another fertile ground for bureaucratic red-tapism.”

The doctors are of the view that by dissolving the MCI, the government is raising another regulatory body that will not only inculcate the demerits of the earlier
one, but will also be worse and even hamper the future of medical education in the country.

There is also a strong resentment against the examination that will be conducted by the NMC for medical students after completion of the course to be eligible as practising doctors. A medical practitioner from the city said that on the one hand, the government is planning to come up with a bridge course to allow alternative medicine practitioners to prescribe allopathic medicine, while on the other it is introducing more examinations for MBBS doctors.

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