#TalkingStalking | Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi, Woman Hit With Semen-Filled Holi Balloon

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“Bura na mano, Holi hai!”

Every year, this one sentence allows people to harass, stalk, and abuse. And this year, sadly, it is no different.

In a disturbing incident, a first year graduate student of Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi, was attacked with a water balloon.

The liquid? Semen.

“It dried white on my black leggings, and the foreign smell clearly indicated that it wasn’t water. Of course, at that point in time, I didn’t guess what it really was. Not even close to what it really was. You see, nobody had thrown semen at me before yesterday…” wrote the student on her Instagram post.

In a second Instagram post, the student narrated how she was the target of racial abuses in the past because she comes from the northeast.

“Go ahead. Scream ‘Chinese’ at me from across the street and run off. I won’t even get more than mildly annoyed. I’m so used to it now. ‘Chinky girls are easy’.I wonder where my ‘FAULT’ lies really. In being born a girl, or in being from the North-East,” she wrote.


The Instagram post has opened a can of worms, with other students coming forward and narrating similar instances using the hashtag #MyWhiteKurta.

“My white kurta doesn’t invite you to throw balloons on me. A girl walking alone on road doesn’t invite you to wish her happy Holi by touching her body,” she said on Instagram.

LSR Acts, Increases Security

The Women’s Development Cell of Lady Sri Ram College is organising an emergency meeting in light of the incident.

The LSR Students’ Union issued the following statement on Facebook enumerating the security arrangements that have been made by the college.

Women are Stalked and Hit With Water Balloons

This isn’t a stand alone instance.

Such incidents have been reported around Lady Shri Ram College for many years now. People usually lurk around the college armed with water balloons, waiting for a woman to come out. It is done under the garb of Holi and women are expected to be okay with it.

Stalking is not ok, hitting women out of the blue is not ok.

Unfettered stalking leads to such crimes

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