This exposed piece from transformer pillars can take your life

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This is Sandra, a resident of Bangalore. On February 6, while she stepped on a pavement near Koramangala, she was hit in the eye because of an exposed transformer on the pavement. Her eye had to be operated as the injury was grave.

This is not the first injury in Bengaluru because of a transformer. In 2013, a man got electrocuted due to one such transformer near Church Street.

Sandra asks, “How come this piece of metal is at human height? All this should be protected to avoid accidents to pedestrians.” She says that she does not need compassion or sympathy for what happened, she wants action to be taken and soon. She says that even after she had insurance she paid Rs 11,000 for the operation. Not many people can afford that.

We request the authorities at Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) to take note of the problem. We all want a better city for ourselves.

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