Top things to do in bangalore in a day under Rs. 500

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6 am: Watch The Sun Rise At Any Lake (Free)

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Bengaluru does not have a dearth of lakes. They contribute to the amazing weather and scenic element of the city. Muse into life and its deeper meaning, while watching the sunrise at any of the lakes, the most significant being the Hebbal Lake, Ulsoor Lake, Madiwala Lake, Agara Lake and the Sankey Tank.

7 am: Jog Around Cubbon Park Or Lal Bagh Park (Rs 10)

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Often called the two lungs of the city, these wide and spacious parks are a must-visit, when in Bengaluru. With exotic flora and fauna, sometimes even peacocks, these are a treat for the eyes. The flower show deserves a special mention.

8 am: Visit ISKCON Temple (Free)

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Fill your heart with divinity and spirituality, no matter your religion. To your surprise, you will find a lot of foreigners here dressed in all Indian attires. Just the aura of the place mesmerizes you and the vibrations from the mantras will strike a chord with your heart. Do not miss this!

9 am: Breakfast At A2B, MTR or Adigas (Rs 50)

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A local speciality breakfast like Bisi Bele Bath can fill your tummy and recharge you for the day. The chain restaurants A2B, MTR or Vasudev Adigas can be found at all prime locations. Grab a smoking hot cup of filter coffee while there. If you are feeling fancy, try Hole in the Wall, Koramangala for yummy omelettes and sandwiches.

10 am: Visit The Vishweshwarayya Museum (Rs 25)

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There are two museums adjacent to each other – The Vishweshwarayya Industrial Museum and the Government Art Museum. Dive into history and science and transport to other worlds in Bengaluru.

12 O’clock: Lunch At Malleshwaram (Rs 80)

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With all the walking, your stomach must be growling! Come to Malleshwaram, where your next destination also awaits. Several budget-friendly places like Raghavendra Stores, Halli Mane, Sree Sagar or Asha Food Camp await you with their tadkedaar aromas. Chomp on the yummy bondas and vadas and swim in their oily awesomeness, true blue Indian style. If you can squeeze in a visit to Basavanagudi, the luncheon paradise of Bangalore, nothing like it. With unmissable and unmatchable tastes of Vidyarthi Bhavan followed by the likes of South Thindies, Szechuan Dragon and New Modern Hotel will make your mouth water, from a mile away.

1 pm: Visit Mantri Mall! (Free)

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The biggest mall in Bengaluru, get lost in the lanes and glitz of the numerous stores and indulge in a guilt-free window shopping trip! Make a mental note of all the awesome stuff the stores have and maybe have faith in the secret of ask, believe, receive! Or maybe go all the way to Brigade road and catch a masala filled Bollywood movie at Rex Theatre, one of the oldest theatres in Bangalore.

4 pm: Kaya Toast From Koshy’s (Rs 50)

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You must be hungry! Why not try the kaya toast at the uber famous Koshy’s Restuarant? Experience an intercultural zest with a strong cup of coffee and make up stories in your head of what those people might be up to!

6 pm: Brigade Road/Commercial Street/Shivaji Nagar (Rs 100 and above)

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Splurge your way into incredible deals and shop hop along the roadside eateries to fill all your five senses. These must-visit markets come alive in the night and bring all the necessary cheer. Express awe at the street style vibe and fashion and plan your personal makeover.

9 pm: Happy Hours At The Pubs! (Rs 100)

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Happy hours will really make you happy. Enjoy reduced prices for pricey alcohol. Sometimes even flat 50% off. If you are a lady, you are in luck. Many pubs like Love Shack, Indigo Live, Xtreme Sports Bar etc. have free entry and alcohol on the very frequent Ladies nights along with karaoke. Sing your lungs out and break the dance floor with your moves like Jagger.

11 pm: Dinner At Empire (Rs 80)

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Most, if not everything, closes by 10-11 pm in Bangalore but we know your hunger pangs are hissing. As soon as your Bangalore take over tires you, you can have a sumptuous dinner at Empire. End the day with a delicious Shawarma which is filling as well as cheap. The best part, it is open till 1 in the night! Bid Adieu to the empty streets and say Hola to a deep, deep sleep.

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