Who Is Oviya And Why Are Most Tamilians Obessed With Her?

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Oviya Helen’s name is trending on every social media platform recently. Her fans have shown great support for the 26-year-old and there are many who’ve been predicting that she might even win the show.

The answer to why she keeps trending on the internet every other day!

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Posted by Put Chutney on Friday, July 14, 2017

But my question is: who is Oviyaa and why is everyone obsessed with her?

I mean, there are many who do not follow Tamil Bigg Boss or know who Oviya is, right?

When you search for her on Google, it says she’s acted in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu movies, with the 2010 Tamil film, Kalavani where she played the lead, being one of her biggest hits

Her first night in the house was annoying to many, pointing out that she intently asked for a banana from Bigg Boss and was trying too hard to be like Genelia D’Souza. In fact, she was even made fun of for her “modern clothing”, wearing “too much makeup” and looking “like a girl with nothing upstairs”.

But the girl has changed her image in no time

Apparently, Oviya has changed her image in no time. She likes to respect other contestants on the show but doesn’t mind standing for what is right too. She is headstrong, she is independent and does not like being a drama queen. While these were the reasons that made other contestants send her to the elimination round, she was brought back to the show by the audiences for the same reason. In fact, when Aarav, another contestant on the show, declined her proposal, she was cool with it too. She didn’t whine or screech like one is used to seeing on Bigg Boss.


Source: – Being Indian

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