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The Bengaluru Post gives marketers a first-mover advantage by putting your brand message in front of the right stories and the right consumers.

Our audience is curious, dives deeper and wants to share what they’ve learned. When you put your brand in front of our audience, it’s well received. You get them in a proactive mindset, making them likely to take action because that’s exactly why they’ve come to The Bengaluru Post.

We embrace distributed platforms to reach a large global audience and we take pride in creating a brand safe environment. Our team of writers uses patented technology to create entertaining & engaging content. For editorial and Branded, we marry the art of creation with the science of data.


We’re huge ― with over 1 million active members globally, our combined sites account for one of the bengaluru’s largest social networks.


While our membership is a global community, we can target advertising to a specific designated market area (DMA), state, country or combination thereof. In addition, we are able to target by member demographics: language, age group and/or profile “into’s.”


Our advertiser campaign reports provide immediate feedback of the performance of a campaign, permitting advertisers to adjust their messaging for a more effective ROI.


Site visitors trust our well‐established brands and, by extension, trust the advertisers who partner with us.


Our number one priority and commitment is to offer, at all times, world class service which enables our clients to increase their business and reach sales targets.


Advertisers can change their ad creative anytime during the campaign, usually within 24 hours, allowing advertisers to communicate various messages at different times throughout a campaign.


We tailor integrated advertising strategies by maximizing the use of our business tools: from targeting and design concepts to promotions and marketing collaborations ― on time and within budget to meet your sales objectives. We will gladly create a proposal suited to meet your specific needs.

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