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Aikido black belt Rahul Gandhi a gentleman, says his martial arts coach

Paritosh Kar says, practicing Aikido, a Japanese martial art, has made Rahul more centered and has helped him deal with a barrage of attacks and ridicule from political opponents.

New Delhi: Sincere, hardworking and respectful – this is how Aikido instructor Paritosh Kar describes his student Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President.

Paritosh Kar says, practicing Aikido, a Japanese martial art, has made Rahul more centered and has helped him deal with a barrage of attacks and ridicule from political opponents.

“We started training back in 2009. I don’t know how he came to know of Aikido but since the time he has started practicing it, he has been very sincere and hardworking. One thing I will say about him is that he is a very fast learner. However, he does not want to learn too fast,” Kar told media persons.

Rahul Gandhi had revealed that he is a black belt in Aikido, at an event by PHD Chamber of Commerce last month. “As Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art, it helps him to be a non-aggressive gentleman. He respects teachers. Moreover, he is a genius. If anybody speaks negative about him, he does not react. Because of Aikido, the attacks just don’t hit him,” he said.

Kar said that if a student is sincere and practices five times a week, he can become a black belt in just five to six years. Irregular students can take anywhere between 10-20 years.

Rahul Gandhi is practicing Aikido from past eight years. The instructor said, the art has been a sort of stress-buster for the Gandhi scion, who usually has a packed schedule.

Kar added that there is no stress left in Rahul after practicing Aikido. He is completely relaxed. Even if he cannot practice Aikido for some reason, he will do some other physical activity like swimming to stay fit.

Source: News 18

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Bangalore News

Bengaluru Couple Recycles 6,000 Newspapers Into 10,000 Pencils That Do Our Planet a Big Favour!

Eco-friendly products replaced by plastic by a Bengaluru couple, including daily household things. Moreover making best out of waste by recycling 6,000 newspapers into 10,000 pencils.


In today’s scenario, there is a necessity to curb deforestation and plant more and more trees. Bangaluru couple Akshata Bhadranna and Rahul Pagad showed real skills by converting plastic into eco-friendly products ..they even recycled 6000 newspapers into 10000 pencils.

After returning from Indonesia (which is the largest plastic polluter) to Bangaluru, the couple realized that maximum utilization in their household was made of plastic, so they decided to replace them by eco-friendly products.

The irony is that eco-friendly products are too expensive for people to buy. This gave birth to an organization called Dopology. Founders Akshata Bhadranna and Rahul Pagad started making and selling these eco-friendly products at reasonable prices on their website.

They even made eco-friendly brushes and loofah and got phenomenal results of this business.

Here is the Makin process of eco-friendly pencils.

1) Newspapers are cut into 18 × 18 cm.
2) Lead is manually rolled into papers and deposited on the rolling machine.
3) Pencils are allowed to dry for 30 mins.
4) Pencils are then put into drier for 1 hour at 220 °Celsius.
5) The polishing machine then gives the final touch and make pencil smooth.
6) Finally, the product goes through the cutting machine where pencils are cut into a determined size.
After that these pencils are packed into the craft paper boxes.

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Malaika Arora Khan Loves This Bengaluru Restaurant Serving Authentic Andhra Food!

Bollywood actor, dancer, and TV presenter Malaika Arora Khan are known for her impeccable sartorial sense and her drop-dead gorgeous looks. The former-model has one of the fittest bodies in Bollywood and she has a huge fan-following on social media as well. With almost six million followers on Instagram, Malaika is quite a hit on the photo blogging app. The diva is constantly updating her page with mind-blowing workout and fitness videos, which garner a lot of views and ‘likes’ from her followers. However, the diva is quite the foodie as well and we often see her sharing snapshots of her meals as Instagram posts and on Instagram stories.

Image result for images of malaika arora khan in bengaluru restaurant

Malaika Arora Khan posted a picture of a scrumptious traditional South Indian meal served on a banana leaf from Bengaluru, on her Instagram stories yesterday, and it looked like quite a spread. From biryanis to fish dishes, Malaika’s lunch in Bengaluru had it all.

Image result for images of malaika arora khan in bengaluru restaurant

“When in Bengaluru, just gotta stop and eat at Nagarjuna… Divine food,” Malaika wrote on Instagram. She also shared a small clip of herself indulging in the delicious-looking food, with the hashtag #cantstopwontstop. Nagarjuna has six outlets across Bengaluru and is famous for its simple ambiance and superbly delicious and authentic food. The place serves a range of traditional Andhra dishes and biryanis for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. However, their main attraction is the complete Andhra-style meals served on banana leaves. These meals include rice with ghee, sambhar and rasam, spinach dal, vegetable stir-fry, chutney, buttermilk, papad and sweet.

Image result for images of nagarjuna restaurant in bengaluru


Looks like Malaika enjoyed her time in Bengaluru thoroughly. The beauty’s well-toned physique is a testimony to the fact that she sticks to a healthy diet routine on a daily basis. She is a fan of vegetable smoothies and believes in eating local and organic foods. Malaika Arora Khan also includes ghee in her diet, but steers clear of processed sugars, adding natural sweeteners like dates and honey to her drinks and dishes instead. Well, we guess you deserved to binge on all that yummy food, Malaika!

Image result for images of malaika arora khan in bengaluru restaurant

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15 Awesome things To Do with Your buddies


1. Sit down together and have a clip show that is discussing the funniest, craziest memories of your prior seasons.

2. Split your group in half and engage in some games either indoor or outdoor.

3. Take advantage of a restaurant’s happy hour and place all dignity and diets aside to let a mess happen.

4. Hit up the casino and be prepared to lose the amount you bring with you.

5. Have a Disney movie night. Animated movies are fun though.

6. Hit YouTube TOGETHER, with each person having a chance to show off his or her favorite videos.

7. Find the nearest wine store and get buzzed like classy people.

8. Invite over some of the friends who stopped hanging out with your group. Reunite so it’s just like old times.

9. Take a spontaneous road trip to a nearby city for a day on a bike or a car.

10. Go camping. No Wi-Fi hotspots, iPads, no Facebook just the flora and fauna.

11. Find a TV series everyone is interested in watching.

12. Arts and crafts! Do something creative. Try to make some DIY even if your abilities are limited. Just have fun with it.

13. Go to a comedy club.


14. Karaoke night. Whether it’s done in an apartment or out, in a social environment, it never fails to be fun.

15. Pyjama Party!! Put on your pajamas and just slay…

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