Things to Do in and Around Bangalore For Adventure Travelers

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Wall Climbing at Urban Climbers

Before buying into the idea of rappelling, it’s essential to try your hand at something less perilous. Urban Climbers, a rock climbing gym in Bangalore, present an opportunity to get a whiff of rappelling with a controlled artificial setting akin to rocky ranges. The faux wall at Urban Climbers throws hurdles to overcome and props to capitalize on making it an exhilarating affair.

Location: Spring Field, Sarjapur Road, Iblur Village, Bellandur, Bangalore,

Trek at Kunti Betta

At a distance of 80 miles from Bangalore, Kunti Betta is a picturesque hill with the adjoining Pandavapura lake bringing the best of both worlds. Trekking the Kunti Betta will reward you with an ethereal view of the surrounding landscapes and the descent will lead to Pandavapura lake, that has room for a wide array of water sports.

Location: Kunti Betta, SH 19, Pandavapura, Karnataka

Rock Climbing

Rappelling enthusiasts have Deccan Plateau to thank for in South India. Even the periphery of Bangalore has its fair share of rocky hillocks to satiate adventure travelers’ love for rock climbing. Several adventure groups from the city often hold rock-climbing expeditions in Turahalli, 13 miles from the garden city.

Location: Turahalli Forest, Turahalli, Bangalore

Cross-Country Cycling

Fitness enthusiasts in Bangalore have transcended their love for bicycles into a cross-country adventure. Starting from the city’s hub, cyclists peddle their way to the fringes, subsequently entering the dominion of the neighboring districts, and ride all the way back. The laborious, yet invigorating cycling regime is often towards tranquil destinations like Thattekere lake in Kanakapura taluk.

Location: Thattekere lake, Thattekere, Karnataka


Rolling down the gentle slopes enclosed in a transparent ball of plastic is a relatively new venture in Bangalore, yet zorbing’s popularity is burgeoning. Many country-side resorts and adventure centers are introducing zorbing in the list of activities. Taking into account that zorbing doesn’t require any special set of skills, the trend is justified. Zorbing at Discovery Village comes recommended by many.

Location: Discovery Village, Nandi Foot Hills, Nandi Hobli, Chikkaballapur Taluk & District, Karnataka


The ever-thrilling paragliding activity is held at Nandi Hills under the tutelage of Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC). With 1,478 meters of elevation, Nandi Hills offers paragliders a breathtaking view of the adjoining vegetation. Prerequisites to paragliding include training sessions and a health checkup.

Location: Nandi Hills, Nandi Hobli, Chikkaballapur Taluk & District, Karnataka

Madhugiri Fort and Trek

Among the trekking spots around Bangalore, Madhugiri is anomalous in terms of topography and is adorned by a dilapidated fort at its summit. The demanding trek to the summit requires traversing a few obstacles and it’s best to save the energy to explore the fort and take in the serenity of the aesthetic backdrop.

Location: Madhugiri, Tumkur district, Karnataka

Parasailing in Bangalore

Unlike paragliding, parasailing is a safe bet. The activity entails the parasailer to be towed by a vehicle at a great speed to establish levitation. Although the parasailer is close to the surface, the experience is nonetheless delightful. Jakkur Aerodrome in Bangalore has a host of groups offering parasailing services for reasonable prices.

Location: Jakkur Aerodrome, Yelahanka Post, Jakkuru, Bangalore

Parasailing at Hoskote Lake (Near Bangalore), Karnataka, India

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