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Your Guide To Booking A Heli Taxi In Bangalore

Bangalore, often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, is the city that is most advanced in terms of technology and amenities. True to its reputation, Bangalore recently became the first place in India to start a helicopter taxi service. Want to learn all about it? Here’s everything you need to know about booking a heli taxi in Bangalore, India.

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Why heli taxis?

The whole idea to start this service came from the desire to shorten the painfully long journey to Bangalore’s airport. A usual Uber ride to the Bangalore International Airport is almost a two-hour journey from anywhere in the city and it could take longer considering the city’s usual traffic jams. With this service, it would take about 15 minutes to reach the airport. Group Captain (Retd) K.N.G Nair, owner of Thumby Aviation, who provide the helicopters and manage the service, told CNN, ‘Our aim was to make [helicopter] travel affordable to the common man’.

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Places heli taxis can take you

Since the service recently opened to citizens only, heli taxis are limited to one helipad in the HAL Old Airport area, ferrying passengers to and from the airport. But, if the service runs successfully, the number of helicopters will increase with added routes since Bangalore has 90 helipads that can be used. In the future, helicopters might also take off from the luxury hotels on the airport campus.


The cost of taking a heli taxi ride in Bangalore

This helicopter service does save time but at a cost. A ride from the helipad in the HAL Old Airport area to the city’s actual airport will cost each passenger Rs. 4,130 (approximately US $65). Also, you can only carry 15 kgs of luggage. In comparison, the shuttle bus service from Bangalore to the airport costs approximately Rs. 200 (around US $5) and cabs charge around Rs. 1000 (approximately US $15). Although, travelers should also consider that both modes if transport will cost them two hours on the road. Due to its pricing, heli taxis are currently more accessible to CEOs and top executives who travel every other day and cannot afford to spend two to three hours on the road each time.

How you can book a heli taxi ride

Heli taxi rides can be booked through an app called HeliTaxii, which was developed especially for the service. You can book your flights in advance so you won’t have to wait in the queue or deal with overbookings.

The six-seater helicopter will run during certain time slots and will undertake limited and pre-planned trips in the morning and evening. With only a number of trips as well as price limitations, only time will tell whether or not Bangaloreans will embrace the heli taxi. Mr. K.N.G Nair is optimistic about the initiative and plans to introduce weekly or monthly ticket passes for frequent travelers. He also said that other state governments have approached him and there could be heli taxi services in some of the most important airports across India.

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Things to do this weekend in Bengaluru

We round up some of the unique, fun sporting activities in the city for you!

Get your kicks

You’ve played Foosball with the plastic players, now, be one of those players yourself. It’s the same thing as regular foosball, only life-sized. On a 32-foot-long and 16-foot-wide field, players hold on to rods in set positions. For the next 30 minutes, you play as you would the smaller version. It’s better if you have 10 people, but six will do too. Great for teamwork, and even better for a fun day out.

More Details :

Stay on the ball

Play Padel, first invented in Mexico in 1969, now played in 30 countries worldwide. In India,Bengaluru is the first lucky recipient. The Padel racquet is shaped like a tennis one, only bigger and thicker with holes punched into the fibre glass surface. It’s always played as doubles, follows the rules of tennis and is played on a court 1/3 the size of a tennis court. The twist? Like in squash, you can play off the walls too.

In January 2019, Karnataka State Padel Association held the first nationally ranked Padel tournament.\

More Details :

Catch it if you can

The best things in life often don’t come with a high price tag. One such thing is Frisbee. All you need is a flying disc, a bunch of friends, an open ground, a few rules, and you are set. But if you still think you aren’t cut out for this game, The Flying Disc School of India will make you rethink that. Formed last September in Bengaluru, this group wants to promote the game of Frisbee and the athleticism, sportsmanship, and joys that come with it. The organise group practice sessions every Sunday at Annasawmy Mudaliar Ground in Frazer Town, so call them and join.

More Details : [email protected]

Get high and higher

The joy of jumping, flipping and falling on a trampoline is like none other. And if you didn’t know, NASA says that you can burn the same amount of calories by running on a treadmill for 30 minutes as you can by bouncing off a trampoline for 10 minutes. With that in mind, head over to this indoor trampoline park at SKy Zone Bengaluru at Forum Shantiniketan in Whitefield. It allows you to try ‘Freestyle Jump’, ‘Ultimate Dodgeball’, ‘Warrior Course’, ‘Sky Slam’, ‘Warped Wall’, and gives you access to ‘Drop Zone’, ‘Toddler Court’, and ‘Toddler Foam Pit’. It’s a great add-on to birthday celebrations or group outings.

More Details : [email protected]

What is Love?

It’s the season of love and this cafe has something cute to warm your hearts and souls. It is inviting one and all to come over, pick up a heart-shaped paper-cutouts at the venue, and write down in a single line what love means to you.

These notes will then go up on their ‘Wall of Love’.

WHERE: Urban Solace, 32 Annaswamy Mudaliar Road
WHEN: 11am-11pm, February 9-28
CALL: 9845013055

Breathe better

A lot of health problems can be resolved just by breathing correctly. FM Alexander (1869-1955) was known as “the breathing man” who examined all known breathing methods of his day and came to the conclusion that they were all inadequate or artificial. His devised approach is based on the natural functioning of the organism. That was what was special about his idea of breathing. This weekend, learn to do just that with a workshop on the original Alexander Technique method of breathing. In this workshop, you will learn to breathe in terms of Alexander’s outlook. The three-hour workshop will teach you the basics of Alexander’s approach, how to recognise limiting breathing habits in yourself and then, how to employ his time-tested methods to improve your own breathing capacity, fluidity and control. Practitioner Robin John Simmons will be conducting the class. Simmons has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1971, and has been training teachers since 1982. He previously trained in acting schools in London and has had exposure to a number of systems of breathing. He has given coaching to internationally renowned singers and musicians in both the classical and pop music worlds. He believes Alexander has the most comprehensive understanding of natural human breathing. Among the people he has worked with are musician Sting, Classical Cellist Alexander (Sandy) Baillie and the orchestra at the Opera House. So you can rest assured that you will go back with a better understanding of your breathing.

WHERE: Shoonya – Centre for Art and Somatic Practices, 4th Floor, Rear Wing, Brahmananda Court, #37 Lalbagh Road

WHEN: 10am – 1pm, February 10

Tickets: `1,500,

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What is the full form of VISA?

Full Form Of Visa : Visitors International Stay Admission – Visa is considered as one of the most important document when you are travelling to some other country. If you will lose the visa, it will be a big trouble for you because you won’t be able to return to your country until you complete all the government procedure regarding the new visa. Getting a new visa in other country is not at all an easy process, so it is highly recommended that if you are going outside your country, then take a proper care of your visa.

Let’s see more about Full Form Of Visa and what is importance of Visa

The full form of visa is Visitors International Stay Admission. In other means or language, we can say it is a “paper which has been seen” of every individual travelling out of the country.

full form of visa

It is a authorization paper which means that you are allowed to enter the country for a particular time period. Once that time period is over, you need to get your VISA renewed.

Types Of VISA

As I said, there is a time limit till which you can stay in a country, you get a VISA according to the work you have in other country. If you are visiting your relatives, you will get long stays visas or if you or going for work you will get short stay visas, like this there are multiple type of visas, let’s see which are they:

1) By Purpose Visas:

  • Transit Visa.
  • Short-stay or visitor visa.
  • Long-stay visa.
  • Immigrant visa.
  • Official visas.


2) By method of issue:

  • On-arrival visa.
  • Electronic visa.
  • Electronic Travel Authorization.

visa full form

VISA Refusal Reasons:

If you are trying to get visa, but the proposal is getting rejected always, then here are some reasons:

  • You may have committed some fraud or have provided some wrong information in your previous application.
  • You are not able to provide all the required documents.
  • You do not have any kind of travel insurance (in some countries, having travel insurance is necessary).

These were some important information regarding VISA. We hope all your questions and doubts about full form of visa is solved.

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Best Places To Buy Souvenirs in Bangalore

Souvenirs are integral on the grounds they bring back memories that can be cherished long after a trip is over. That necessitates an obligation to pick up the best souvenirs a city has to offer. Here is a list of some top places in Bangalore to snap up souvenirs that are worth every penny.

Varnam Store

Tourists usually tend to buy a souvenir that reflects the culture and traditions of the place they are in. The memorabilia is best when it has a story to tell, which brings us to Varnam Store located in central Bangalore. Varnam Store is an enterprise dealing in arts and crafts that resonate the toy-making craft of Channapatna, also known as the toy town – or, more colloquially ‘Gombegala Ooru’. Products at the store range from lifestyle products to knick-knacks that are contemporary in style, yet traditional in design.


Exquisite paintings from Tanjore, delicate marble paintings and a plethora of bronze and copper handicrafts constitute Tarang, an intriguing store with branches in both Indiranagar and Jayanagar. The artifacts at Tarang are reminiscent of India’s rich ancient history that are indigenous to this country. A miniature sculpture from Tarang with meticulous work on it can give any souvenir a run for its money.

Jute Cottage

India and jute cultivation have gone hand-in-hand for centuries now and jute finds itself as a major crop influencing the country’s economy. Perhaps, jute’s Indian roots paved way for an outlandish enterprise such as the Jute Cottage that is setting new trends. Ethnicity gets a contemporary touch among the merchandise available at the cottage, featuring a collection of chic handbags, ethnic crafts, and jewelry among other items.


Prachin, meaning ‘ancient’ in Hindi, is a mesmerizing store located in the shopping district of south Bangalore’s Jayanagar. Merely a visit to Prachin can cast a mysterious spell on the patrons, let alone buying. Housing a variety of products from paltry incense sticks to stupendous artworks, Prachin is a must-visit for souvenir seekers.

Balaji’s Antiques & Collectibles

Not many places in Bangalore can pride themselves on supplying props to an overseas movie except for Balaji’s Antiques & Collectibles, a sumptuous setting of collectibles and antiques. David Lean reportedly used vintage items supplied by Balaji’s Antiques & Collectibles for his 1984’s period drama, A Passage to India. The place’s unassuming facade is counterbalanced by the grandeur and aesthetic value of their collection. Their eccentric collectibles, artifacts, and lacquer-ware are more than just souvenirs; prized possessions, perhaps.

Raga Arts

Raga Arts establishes a wonderful impression before even setting foot in the place, with merely a glance from the outside. Be it the home decor or embroidery crafts, Raga Arts has it all – capable of placing the customer in a conundrum due to the plethora of options it provides. Their foundations are built upon the principles surrounding women’s empowerment and the upliftment of rural artisans.

Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Popular among foreigners, Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium is as good as it gets to purchase souvenirs. It houses a massive collection of sandalwood handicrafts, ethnic knick-knacks and what not. Situated at the helm of bustling MG Road, Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium has a reputation that precedes itself. Regardless of the budget, this place has something to offer to every traveler who comes scouring.

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